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About Us / Why Core Informatics?

Core Informatics, an offshore web development company, spreads worldwide, making and strengthening business relationships with the plethora of services and solutions it ardently offers. Core Informatics's strong foundation is a combination of four "pillars of practice" - Perfection, Endurance, Collaboration and Satisfaction - which support and facilitate its expansion.

First and the most important step towards gaining our client's trust is, we believe, the quality of our services. Core Informatics's ideology is lead by an urge for perfection which is clearly seen in the amount of time and precision we exercise on each project. Our strategically structured work processes substantiate our promises.

Implementing different strategies for different projects according to the specifications of our clients requires a great amount of planning and persistence. Every individual client or business team approaching us is an equal responsibility and we, at Core Informatics, endure it passionately. Skilfully leading them through the entire process of web development, we make their experience with us rather pleasurable.

We do not believe in keeping or implementing standard, pre-made solutions for any of our projects. Collaborating with our clients to come up with custom-made solutions that are exceptional for them is what we excel in. Any project for us is more than just a business deal. We build relationships in our endeavour towards customer satisfaction.

Our job as an efficient web development team does not end until our clients feel satisfied with what we design for them. Framework of our process of developing solutions for our clients is based on our clients' convenience rather than our own time constraints. Customer satisfaction is our chant!

What really sets us apart from the others is our ability to stay rooted to our principals and exploit our potential to the maximum, as a result of which we deliver substantial business results.

Unlike most offshore providers, our business is based on client relationships, driven by value and shared goals rather than rigid, lock-in contracts. We become your partner in transforming IT to align with your business. We accomplish this with a unique approach based on:

  • Commitment to client partnerships.
  • Adopting and continuously improving upon our software development practices and processes.
  • Formulating HR policies within our organization that orient our team to have a determined urge to excel and to deliver robust hand working software solutions.
  • Continuous up gradation and training of our team by experts to understand the criticalities of offshore coordination.
  • Domain and technology experts.
  • We know how to turn our clients' goals into reality.
  • We can quickly ramp up a team with the necessary competencies to get you to the market fast.

Why outsource to Core?
  • To exploit the Time Zone Advantage and reap the benefits of 24-hour development cycle
  • To utilize Core Informatics's English, Hindi & French speaking IT talent at economical rates.
  • To drastically reduce operating costs.
  • To gain access to world-class software engineering skills.
  • To share the risks involved in development.
  • To seek resources not available in-house.
  • To finish projects which otherwise cannot be finished in-house due to technical or staff limitations.
  • To free up non-capital resources for other in-house projects.
  • To gain a fresh and new perspective on a stalled project.
  • To localize existing software for use in other countries & markets.

How is Core Informatics for Offshore IT Services?
There are a number of traits that make our clients prefer us over others.
  • Operational expertise: Core Informatics is a bank of technical experts. Our service providers are most exposed to a wide spectrum of the companies around the globe and have practically achieved operational expertise in the fields of web and software development.
  • Capacity of work: At Core Informatics, we provide solutions that best responds to your problem. Our areas of work ranges from web designing, web development, software development, ecommerce solution, graphics and multimedia solution to search engine optimization (SEO). We, thus, give you access to a larger talent pool and sustainable source of skills.
  • Quality: Core Informatics follows the best quality management procedure prevalent in the market. We have a team which first realizes client's needs and business values thoroughly and finally starts working over your project. Product testing is done not only completing the project but also at various stages of the development cycle.
  • Time saving services: Our trained service providers not only provide you with the best in industry but also deliver within a designed time frame. Your product output in market, thus, becomes a more predictable phenomenon.
  • Security: We assure the security of your data and your business secretes if any. All our Staff is on company payrolls and work from within our infrastructure. The company data protection policy and Private Labelling contractual agreements keep your reputation intact. In most cases the employee doesn't know for whom he is actually working.

We follow the SEI CMM (Software Engineering Institute Capability Maturity Model) process implementation-the most advanced methodology - that is implemented by only a handful of software service providers.

Besides other advantages offered by Core Informatics, a prime factor behind our growth and success is our willingness and capability to offer innovative delivery and commercial models. As an organization, we are open to suggestions and are always keen to listen to our clients.

We can take over as few or as many applications as you like in their entirety with well-defined service level agreements. Or we can work side by side with you, if you prefer. In general, you keep control over all hardware, software and data assets; while Core Informatics helps you manage these assets as needed. The nature of your relationship with Core Informatics will be very different from others. You do not have to deal with rigid static contracts that can't adapt to your needs.

Core Informatics adapts to the model you adopt.

Your faith in our potential and trust on the services we provide are the two major motivational forces that keep us coming back to you, each time with better solutions, products or results.

Feel free to fill up Inquiry Form and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Success Stories

Keerat Grewal
(Head - New Products & Business, Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd.)
It's been a pleasure interacting with Raj. The most notable aspect about his work is his speedy reverts on all projects. I'm happy with his designing work for our website.

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