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About Us / Business Model

A well devised business model, carved according to your needs, becomes a bridge between your vision and its appearance in real. In the current economy, we realize that customers are increasingly demanding the flexibility that best serves their unique business requirements. We provide the option of selecting a combination of business models to suit various phases of a project cycle.

Core Informatics has evolved business models, with a clear value proposition for an onsite business partner and an offshore team. The objective of any business model would be to provide a virtual team to the system integrator while adjusting the level of commitment, level of control, investment required (both time and money) and the cost savings generated to optimum levels through software economics for the situation at hand.

Strategic Sourcing with Core Informatics is very different from traditional outsourcing models. With Core Informatics, you don't give up control and you can dramatically reduce your costs and IT headaches. Core Informatics's approach to outsourcing can also substantially improve IT effectiveness and help organizations achieve strategic business goals.

A few broadly classified business models that we adopt are:

Fixed-Price Model:
Our fixed time, fixed price model offers customers a low-risk option and can be employed when the scope and specifications of the project are reasonably clear. This model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects. Deliverables, Costs and Timelines are clearly defined in the Fixed Time/Fixed Price model.

We keep the IP (Intellectual property) of the product, but share full rights to use the software. However, if the application is fully designed when it reaches us, then we give the IP rights to the client.

This model works best for - Customers with well-defined requirements and project schedules. Under this option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project, which in turn is linked to well-defined deliverables. For any change in scope a predefined fixed hourly rate agreed at the initial stage of start of project is paid. For any changes there is a standard change request procedure that is followed for which we have structured processes in place.

Time and Material Model:
With the time and material engagement model, your costs and schedule will vary depending on your specific requirements and on the complexity of your project. This gives you maximum flexibility and also allows you to make substantial revisions to your project even as it is being developed.

Under this model, you pay as per use of the hourly development efforts. We define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for its execution. At times once the scope is frozen, the time and material project also gets converted to the fixed price model. We have very strict project management and reporting practices whereby task sheets are generated on a daily / weekly basis for each developer on the project.

In this business model, Core Informatics forms project teams with the required team members, project managers, equipment and infrastructure based on project requirements. Customers pay a monthly charge based on the size and composition of the team.

Core Informatics provides knowledgeable, skilled, motivated, energetic and competent consultants who work seamlessly as part of client teams to provide quality solutions. We keep our consultants on the cutting edge of information technology by providing them with ongoing advanced training and skill-building workshops.

FTE (Full Time Equivalent):
We can provide you with a team of full time equivalent employees for your specific requirements on setting up an offshore development center. You can choose to hire a single professional and then scale up to a full-fledged development center.

Advantages to client:

  • Least cost option
  • Dedicated team
  • Budget predictability
  • IP ownership
  • High flexibility
  • High control
  • Can start with any level of expertise on the application

Hybrid Model:
Very often it becomes necessary to undertake a major portion of a project on a Fixed Price basis and at the same time deploy resources on a Time and Materials Pricing basis. We call this the hybrid model. Adopting such a model enables the client to maximize their budget without compromising on any aspect of the project itself.

This model is used when client wishes to work on fixed price model and when the project scope is not detailed enough for us to estimate the effort with accuracy. Based on the initial concept note we define a short initial.

Dedicated Development Centre Model:
Dedicated development centre, which is an extension of the customer's software engineering facility, is popular among customers, who are looking at long-term gains from offshore outsourcing.

In this model Core Informatics reserves resources, equipment and infrastructure, exclusively for the customer. While such a model is normally for a pre-determined minimal period of time, it allows the client to take advantage of the cost effectiveness of such an offering and superiority of our Project Management.

Your faith in our potential and trust on the services we provide are the two major motivational forces that keep us coming back to you, each time with better solutions, products or results.

Feel free to fill up Inquiry Form and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Success Stories

Vahishta Mistry
(VP - Interactive, UTV Bindass)
Great service, very good turnaround time and extremely creative solutions for all briefs.

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