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About Us / Methodology

If you are entrusting us with the crucial task of developing your web presence, you would want to know how we do it. Our transparency is our first step towards building a healthy relationship with you.

Core Informatics's robust internal process methodology is clearly defined, yet flexible to meet the needs of diverse customer types.

Our core Methodology includes:
Understanding Needs
To provide satisfactory solutions, we first analyze the requirement description. Our team understands and absorbs all the required information about your business, methodology and principals and thus, begins to frame a plan that completely fits your needs. We discuss all the possible suggestions that we have for their project. Our highly qualified and experienced team members anticipate the upcoming challenges.

  • Client defines the task and gives the initial information for the project.
  • Company project manager asks additional questions to clarify the work to be done.
  • Company provides client a preliminary project cost estimate.

At this phase we create a prototype of the project, elaborate the Functional Specification (FS) and give an exact estimate of the project cost and time.
  • Core Informatics creates HTML-prototype and publishes it online on our server.
  • Core Informatics elaborates Functional Specification, exact time and cost estimate.
  • Client can take the decision whether to develop the project with our company or not.

The actual work on an offshore web development or ecommerce web development project includes several simultaneous processes. Client is provided with the capability to control the progress on each of the activities at any development stage. The prototype originally shown to client is step-by-step replaced by a full-scale solution. The processes are:
  • Database Scheme Design
  • Graphics Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Control

Our corporate portal helps the clients manage all the steps and processes of working on a project, communicating with the offshore project team and tracking the time spent on their project.

Testing and Implementation
Our crucial goal is to present to you a faultless web or software solution. To build the software bug free we do a deep testing by expert software testers who exercise great care and carry out unit testing, integration tests, load testing, portability tests, security tests, incremental testing and Responsiveness testing. Your software undergoes peer review.

The final project phase includes set up of the hosting infrastructure, the solution tune up and support.
  • Set up at client hosting
  • Tune up
  • Customer personnel education
  • Launch of the solution

Our processes and methods are easy to implement and for optimum utilization of the company resources. Our Methodology of the depicted services, well copes with the demands of our clients, as it is very elastic. We ensure an appropriate combination of fix methodological rules and flexible aspects of company rules in providing outsourcing services.

We can take over as few or as many applications as you like in their entirety with well-defined service level agreements. Or we can work side by side with you, if you prefer. In general, you keep control over all hardware, software and data assets; while Core Informatics helps you manage these assets as needed. The nature of your relationship with Core Informatics will be very different from others. You do not have to deal with rigid static contracts that can't adapt to your needs.

Core Informatics adapts to the model you adopt.

Your faith in our potential and trust on the services we provide are the two major motivational forces that keep us coming back to you, each time with better solutions, products or results.

Feel free to fill up Inquiry Form and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Success Stories

Shailesh Kapoor
(CEO, Ormax Media Pvt. Ltd.)
We have enjoyed a great working with Raj and his team at Core Informatics over the past four years. One of the biggest advantages of working with Core Informatics is that you get all the solutions under one roof, be it website, software for our research products or any other kind of online-related support. We look forward to working with Core Informatics on many new initiatives we are planning for the future.

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